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Mr. A+ Cutz himself, Terry Gouard, is a young veteran in the barber game. ​A Peoria Barber school graduate and Larrys Bsrber College Instructor Graduate, Terry had worked at DAVIS BARBERSHOP(PHILS) until opening his own shop in Danville. Terry strives to better the community and with those efforts has the top established shop in Danville. Clipper game is definitely at a high standard. He is also known for his razor sharp linings with the straight blade. He is currently employed with DACC  as the head instructor for the barber program.

Dani is a student barber under the guidance of Terry Gouard Jr. Dani has been cutting for a year. She will be attending DACC community college here in Danville, in the fall as a full-time barber student.  Dani is known for her "razor focus" attention to detail and her ability to relax whoever is in her chair. Dani is passionate, ambitious, and excited to further her education in her craft!

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Mz. Miles is a Danville based stylist. Mz. Miles specializes in locs, braids, and natural hair. Mz. Miles has been doing hair for just about 20 years. During her journey she has become a multi

 award-winning loctician. She loves what she does, it's not just a hobby for her, it's a lifestyle. Come have a seat in her chair, you wont regret it. She is a graduate of Logistics Natural Haircare School specializing in Dreads & Braids.

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